Pokemon fans confused by ‘ridiculous’ Teal Mask DLC release

Pokemon fans confused by ‘ridiculous’ Teal Mask DLC release
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Joseph Kime


13th Sep 2023 11:00

The future of Pokemon is here, and with The Teal Mask about to drop, fans are biting their fingernails for its launch. The next step in the narrative for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a pretty big deal, especially as these DLC drops have come to replace the third game in a region's series like Emerald and Platinum before them.

Player are rightfully on edge to find out if The Teal Mask is any good, or if it can even live up to The Pokemon Company's incessant hype. But they need to actually play the game's first DLC in order to find out, and that's what some of you are having trouble with.

The Teal Mask's launch times are confusing

The latest additions to the roster of characters of Scarlet & Violet in The Teal Mask.
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Fans have found themselves stumbling over each other, as The Pokemon Company's messaging has been messy enough to confuse them on when the DLC actually launches.

The company has revealed that the game will be available on Wednesday September 13 (which is today), and though this should be enough for many, they want a concrete time for the DLC's launch so they can jump in at a moment's notice. But, we haven't been lucky enough to have one of those.

For all of the social media hyping that The Pokemon Company has been getting involved in with The Teal Mask, release times seem to have been lost in the shuffle. When you've got a fanbase as dedicated as Pokemon's, it looks like you've poked the bear.

Fans complain about confusing Teal Mask launch times

Fans have taken to Reddit to make it clear that they're not happy about the strange timings confusion, making memes and making some broad complaints about the organisation of The Pokemon Company. Thankfully u/Savthatsit has the global release schedule to clear up the confusion.

While we can appreciate that there's plenty already on the plates of the developers, some kind of timing notice would go down a treat for players. Especially as many stayed up until midnight, assuming they'd be able to play straight away. Here's hoping The Indigo Disc runs a little smoother later this year. 

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