Pokemon Go Ultra Beasts Are The Game's Latest Addition

Pokemon Go Ultra Beasts Are The Game's Latest Addition
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Tom Chapman


24th May 2022 16:02

For you mobile-mad gamers, Pokemon Go Ultra Beasts are on the way to Niantic's game. The developer prepares to usher in a new era of catching 'em all, and this time, it's out of this world. 

The latest update has teased Pokemon Go Ultra Beasts, with a cryptic video showcasing the Ultra Beast Nihilego alongside someone from the Ultra Recon Squad. If you need a refresher, the Ultra Recon Squad was an antagonistic group of wormhole-travelling bad guys who appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

What Are Pokemon Go Ultra Beasts?

Under the watchful eye of Ultra Recon Squad, Ultra Beasts are extradimensional Pokemon with powers that far surpass your average 'Mon... and even humans. The addition of Nihilego makes a lot of sense because the Rock/Poison-type is effectively a giant space jellyfish that's a prime example of what the outer space Ultra Beats look like.

Although Niantic doesn't confirm whether Ultra Recon Squad will physically appear in Pokemon Go, the arrival of Pokemon Go Ultra Beasts and Ultra Beast Nihilego is a pretty big indication. Even if they don't cause trouble in your neighbourhood, it's likely Ultra Recon Squad outfits will appear in the Pokemon Go shop. 

How Will Pokemon Go Ultra Beasts Work?

Some have clocked that Pokemon Go Ultra Beasts have been on the cards for a while. We're currently in the Season of Alola, which is a nod to the Sun and Moon region, while things will round off with Go Fest 2022. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the new Tier 5 raid boss is probably going to be Nihilego.


If you fancy yourselves as something of a Detective Pikachu, take note that Unown letters at Go Fest 2022 are currently spelling UB GO, which clever players are guessing stands for Ultra Beasts Go. There's a chance Ultra Recon Squad will also be part of a new PvE element, so watch out for a new type of enemy.

Niantic is clearly starting its marketing campaign early, but until it officially lifts the lid, we'll have to wait and see what these space age menaces mean for the pocket-sized Pokemon port. 


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