Pokemon GO Candy exploit maxes out Legendary Pokemon in less than a day

Pokemon GO Candy exploit maxes out Legendary Pokemon in less than a day
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Tom Chapman


21st Aug 2023 14:55

Seven years after launch, it's hard to believe some of us are still picking up our phones, turning our caps backward, and heading out into the real world in an attempt to be the next Ash Ketchum by trying to catch 'em all. Still, Pokemon GO is insanely popular.

Developer Niantic has done its best to keep us involved, with regular updates and new features giving us a myriad of reasons to play the augmented reality title. However, as Pokemon GO continues making bank for the Pokemon series, it's accused of doing it at the expense of our experience.

Pokemon GO exploit farms candy for Legendary Pokemon

Niantic is usually pretty good at snuffing out game-breaking exploits, but as shown by YouTube account Poke AK, there's one that's running rife. Exploiting the mobile game's Routes mechanic via a third-party location app, they're able to trick Pokemon GO into thinking they're covering massive distances.

It looks like a relatively easy method, meaning the users are sitting back and reaping the rewards of a mass Cadny haul. Given this is the item used to level up your Pocket Monsters, it means you can max a Legendary Pokemon in less than a day.

Poke AK condemns those who use this kind of exploit, but also acknowledges that it wouldn't be like this if Niantic hadn't nuked Remote Raid Passes into the ground. The OP concluded by saying, Niantic should "get off their asses and fix it as soon as possible." Namely, it's frustrating for those honest players doing it the old-fashioned way. 

Niantic is caught in another Pokemon Go controversy

Although we assume Niantic will be pretty hot on stopping the Pokemon GO Candy exploit, it'll likely rattle players and only highlight that the devs are continuously making it harder to earn through legitimate ways. Niantic is accused of not listening to fans, but with reports of mass layoffs, the team can only do so much.

The most recent critiques call out the amount of stardust needed for trading Shiny Pokemon, lacklustre Shadow Raid Events, and the ever-annoying Remote Raid pass scandal. Despite Niantic promising a tonne of new content for Pokemon GO's future, exploits slipping through the cracks are only to throw fuel on the fire of accusations the dev has given up. 

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