Pokemon BDSP Easter Egg Hints At New Legends: Arceus Pokemon

Pokemon BDSP Easter Egg Hints At New Legends: Arceus Pokemon
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Tarran Stockton


25th Nov 2021 16:26

Fans believe the recently released Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has a reference to a Legendary Pokemon that could appear in the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus

As we pack our bags for Feudal Sinnoh, this blast from the past will give us a trip into an (almost) open-world Pokemon game. We're expecting some new evolutions of classic Mon, as well as some brand-new Legendary Pokemon. 

Pokemon BDSP Easter Egg: What's The Teaser? 

The Canalave Library deep into Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl holds a series of books, and a new one describes a mythical Legendary Pokemon. As this recent release is a remake of an older Pokemon title, the addition of new content is quite notable, and this one is too specific to just be lore padding.

In-game, the book is called The Sea's Legend, with it described as "a text that was only recently discovered, and its ancient letters decoded." Choosing the option to read brings up a short story detailing a Pokemon called the Prince.

It begins: "Once upon a time in the East Sea, there was a Pokemon known as the prince. A Brave human asking Pokemon living in the sea to let them see the prince. Mantyke, Buizel, and a Qwillfish with huge spikes acknowledged the human's bravery and joined them. Together, they set off in a boat over the sunset-streaked sea, sailing through the ocean gate stretched over the waves."

The story continues: "News of this reached the ears of the prince, who went to meet the brave little party at the Seaside Hollow." So, what could this mean for the lore-padding of Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Pokemon BDSP Easter Egg: How Does It Tie Into Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Well, Arceus is set to take place in the same region as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl - only a few hundred years in the past. This has led fans to believe that the story in The Sea's Legend is a reference to a historical event or place that could be in Arceus.

Eurogamer's resident Pokemon superfan, Chris Tapsell, even Tweeted about it, claiming it's "likely a hint at a new regional form/evolution in PLA, and an encounter with an old mythical?"

Some seem to think that the Prince may refer to Manaphy, which is the last Pokemon in the Pokedex of the recent remakes. The line about the Qwillfish could also refer to a new evolution for the creature, or a new type previously unseen in the series. Regardless, remember The Sea's Legend next year when playing Arceus, and it may illuminate a little more on whom the Prince is.

Pokemon: Legends Arceus is set to release on January 28, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch.


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