PlayStation-only CoD skins are already on Xbox after Microsoft merger

PlayStation-only CoD skins are already on Xbox after Microsoft merger

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Jack Marsh


18th Oct 2023 17:20

PlayStation's exclusive Call of Duty cat-like Operator is already licking its wounds, as Xbox is getting to grips with stripping away its exclusivities.

Previously in Call of Duty, PlayStation had been given a handful of exclusive Operators and their individual skins. After the Microsoft x Activision merger has now concluded, and Halloween has descended over the franchise, there have been reports that tricks have been played on PlayStation and treats are coming for other platforms.

PlayStation-exclusive Oni skin is now appearing for Xbox players

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The PlayStation-exclusive Modern Warfare 2 Oni Operator has been a long-time grievance for Xbox and PC players, as the cat-like soldier is an excellent mix of mil-sim and picturesque flamboyance. It combines a devilish face covering with a blue-beige uniform, striking envy and fear into Xbox fans.

Now, Xbox and PC players are both reporting that Oni is appearing in their Operator screens after The Haunting event went live. According to reports on social media, the skin is appearing in inventories for both MW2 and Warzone.

The skin is supposed to be PS exclusive until October 27, one week before Modern Warfare 3 launches is supposed Campaign Early Access period, where it was presumed to be open to all players when Operators are transferred over to MW3 multiplayer.

PlayStation’s final exclusive CoD content is now over


The new Halloween update has now washed away all PlayStation exclusivities in Call of Duty, should the Oni appearance be intended rather than a bug, as Sony's last weekend of private Betas has also ended.

Luckily for PlayStation fans, this change doesn’t mark the start of an Xbox-exclusive era, as Phil Spencer has now confirmed that there will be no disparities between consoles and platforms for the foreseeable future - aside from the obvious performance capabilities.

So, the tables are finally balanced. PlayStation has been knocked off its horse, and Xbox has climbed out of the trenches, so the cavalry and infantry can all fight on a level playing field for years to come in Call of Duty.

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