MW2 & Warzone fans are tired of ‘obnoxious’ skin adverts

MW2 & Warzone fans are tired of ‘obnoxious’ skin adverts
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Alex Garton


18th Oct 2023 15:46

While Activision certainly makes a lot of money when players purchase the new Call of Duty every year, their primary source of revenue is CoD points.

These are used to unlock skins, blueprints, and bundles in the store, which are only growing more popular with countless collaborations and crossovers.

To persuade the community to buy these bundles in MW2 and Warzone, the devs place adverts that appear as soon as you boot up the games.

Well, some players are growing tired of these “obnoxious” pop-ups, especially when they’ve paid full price for the latest multiplayer title.

CoD players hate "excessive" adverts after loading up MW2

Activision’s approach to microtransactions is bothering players again, and this time it’s the barrage of adverts as soon as you boot up the game that's irking them now.

Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, user AnonymousBayraktar has argued that “future CODs need to have less obnoxious s**t asking you to buy c**p when you've paid full price for the game.”

For them, it’s “excessive” to have “3 stupid screens for the battlepass, the Halloween c**p, then there's blinking tabs to buy c**p everywhere.” Begging Activision to “Stop nickel and diming everyone,” it’s clear they’re losing their patience.

As expected, other fans agreed, arguing “the game's a massive billboard now,” and another even saying “At this point, the game exists mainly as a vehicle for MT revenue.”

MW2 fans hope "obnoxious" ads will be removed by Microsoft

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While there was very little hope that this business model will ever change in Call of Duty, some players are holding out hope Microsoft will “dial” it down slightly.

Maybe it's going to change under Microsoft, but considering that Call of Duty makes tons of money from microtransactions I doubt it's going to change anytime soon.”

Others disagree, arguing it may get a “helluva lot worse” after the acquisition, with Microsoft wanting to cash in on the CoD franchise.

Only time will tell though, but for now, the nonstop adverts when you boot up MW2 and Warzone will remain there for the foreseeable future.

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