PlayStation exclusive Forspoken drops in price ahead of Black Friday sales

PlayStation exclusive Forspoken drops in price ahead of Black Friday sales
Square Enix

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Lloyd Coombes


17th Nov 2023 11:07

It's been another good year for PlayStation exclusives, with Spider-Man 2, Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC, and Square Enix's Final Fantasy 16 showing the power of Sony's console.

Square Enix also dropped Forspoken exclusively on PS5, and while January feels like a lifetime ago, it's not the game's release date that's kept it out of the minds of critics - it sadly flopped, riding a wave of memes about its cheesy dialogue.

If you were looking to play it, though, now's the time - with steep discounts to be ahead as we get into the Black Friday shopping season.

Forspoken just got a huge price cut

Forspoken screenshot showing combat
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While Amazon US is now offering Forspoken for $30, its UK storefront has gone a step beyond, meaning you can pick up a game that cost £60 not long ago for just £9.99.

You'll find similar deals from other retailers, and Square Enix hasn't exactly shied away from Forspoken's reception. After being accused of withholding review copies, the publisher's financial results briefing pulled no punches.

Former president Yosuka Matsuda admitted Forspoken's commercial performance had been "lacklustre" amid "challenging reviews" (thanks, VGC). Developer Luminous Productions was then merged into Square Enix, with one eye on "game engine development" - perhaps unsurprising given how good Forspoken looks.

Personally, I'm going to give it a go at this price, and while I'm not expecting to be blown away, the game sure is a looker.

Our reviewer awarded Forspoken 2 stars out of 5, noting that while Forspoken has some enjoyable moments, it feels like a tickbox exercise in open-world design - but it is very, very pretty.

Thankfully, Final Fantasy 16 performed much better critically, although it also reportedly lost Square Enix a lot of money.

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