Hi-Fi Rush Is Obliterating Forspoken’s Sales

Hi-Fi Rush Is Obliterating Forspoken’s Sales
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Joseph Kime


31st Jan 2023 13:33

Microsoft went from 0 to 60 really fast in January 2023. Though many weren't expecting much from the Xbox showcase, - as it insisted that it was only focussing on a select few titles - a new surprise leapt out of nowhere.

Players were treated to the instant launch of Hi-Fi Rush, coming out hot as a rhythm beat-em-up developed by The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo's Tango Gameworks.

The title has already proven to be an incredible treat for players, especially for those on Xbox Game Pass, who have been able to take to the game at no extra cost.

And, it seems that players love it a lot, as even though it has launched with no fanfare, it is toppling another AAA title in the sales department.

Hi-Fi Rush Is Crushing Forspoken's PC Sales 

Hi-Fi Rush Is Obliterating Forspoken’s Sales
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Tango Gameworks

In no time at all, Hi-Fi Rush has rocketed to the soaring heights of the top 10 best-selling games on Steam, whereas Forspoken has tanked even quicker than expected.

Thanks to the new addition of the viewable Steam sales charts by region, we know that Hi-Fi Rush is the sixth best-selling game on the United Kingdom digital storefront. That's after only joining the ranks this week.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Forspoken seems to have taken an immense hit from the critical response, as it has sank 46 places on the chart this week to the 79th position. That's beneath the likes of Hunt: Showdown, Raft, and the $70/£66 Disgaea Dood Bundle. Yikes.

Why Have Players Stopped Buying Forspoken?

It's a pretty long way to fall for a AAA adventure game, but as critics haven't been overly keen on Forspoken, it only makes sense that players who were once interested are now taking something of a step back.

Plus, with gamers having months to complain about "cringe" dialogue and a seemingly empty open world, the gaming industry had practically turned against the fantasy title before it even launched, and frankly, Forspoken was doomed from the start.

It's hard to imagine a comeback for the game at this stage, even despite the hard work of developers. Sorry, Forspoken, but it looks like your time was up before it even began.

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