OWL Team Owners Hint Towards An Overwatch 2 Launch This Year

OWL Team Owners Hint Towards An Overwatch 2 Launch This Year
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Jack Marsh


24th Feb 2022 12:45

The road to the upcoming sequel to Overwatch has been one with more potholes than the M6, as Activision Blizzard continue to meander their way to the finish line. With delays continuing to create a jam, the most hopeful tidbits have come through the esports scene, as they prepare to kick off their competitive season on a beta build of Overwatch 2 before fans can get their hands on it.

However, just as the teams look set to get the first try on the beta run, it appears that the OWL teams are also in the know as to when the full game will launch. 

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OWL Managers 'Leak' Overwatch 2 Release Date

With the Overwatch League 2022 roadmap revealed, fans have begun to wildly anticipate the May 5 Kickoff Clash, as the adapted 5v5 gameplay will hit screens for the first time. But as the teams prepare for life without the benefits of an off-tank, it might not be too long until the sequel lands on the hard drives of fans worldwide.

Ahead of an "owners meeting" in "29 days", T1 CEO, Joe Marsh, has let slip that "they're launching Overwatch 2 this year," laying to rest any doubts that Blizzard is looking to push back their title even further.

Speaking on stream with ex-T1 League of Legends coach Nick "LS" De Cesare, who himself has been in the headlines after a shock sacking from Cloud9 saw the sky blue org come under fire, Marsh claimed that he will be seeing Jack Ettiene (Cloud9 CEO) at an Overwatch League owners meeting on March 24.

After LS quizzed as to why, Marsh revealed that T1's franchised side Philadelphia Fusion is playing out of their North American headquarters, before promptly dropping the bomb of "oh, they're launching Overwatch 2 this year."

It's not just Marsh who seems to be letting slip too. Overactive Media ( parent organisation of Toronto Defiant) Co-founder and Head of Esports, Adam Adamou, spoke in a podcast with Ready Set Pwn (55:45), where he revealed that his team will be getting the beta build soon and that he expects fans to have some iteration of the game this year.

"I don't know, but I'm watching, hearing, listening, and my expectation is that, whether it is the final, or whether it's the wide beta, or something in between, people will be able to play Overwatch 2 this year," said Adamou.


OWL Teams Set To Have An Overwatch 2 Beta Within A 'Few Weeks'

Adamou also claimed that his Toronto Defiant team have adopted the right approach to their off-season, signing marquee player Juseok "Twilight" Lee in October, beating other teams to the punch despite the beta not being playable yet.

However, he also admitted that he expects that Defiant will have the beta in the coming weeks, which also marries with a Dexerto report that the 20 OWL franchises will have the early release within two weeks.

So far, the teams have been trying out the 5v5 compositions on Overwatch through custom game modes, although this will now give them the opportunity to operate on the maps they will play in the 2022 season.

So, for fans hoping to get their hands on the much-anticipated sequel, the wait shouldn't be too much longer.

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