Overwatch 2 players uninstall in rage over anniversary event

Overwatch 2 players uninstall in rage over anniversary event
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Joseph Kime


20th Sep 2023 12:50

It's no surprise that Overwatch fans are hard to please - but in their defence, Blizzard has flubbed the process of the game. Overwatch 2 replaced the original for seemingly no reason than being desperate for the players getting involved.

Blizzard laid out the red carpet for extortionate shop prices, then scrapped the PvE that justified the arrival of the sequel in the first place. Things aren't looking bright for the hero shooter's future, and fans are still feeling burned by Blizzard's mishandling. Now, the latest event could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Fans hate the new Overwatch 2 Anniversary Event

As Overwatch 2 reveals yet another anniversary event, fans are beginning to realise that Blizzard is simply recycling old skins and game modes without adding anything new to the title. Unsurprisingly, they're getting pretty sick of it, amidst claims Overwatch is just a cash cow. 

The Overwatch 2 anniversary event has rubbed a lot of players the wrong way, simply by being predictable. It offers old game modes returning on a week-by-week basis, challenges to help you earn Overwatch Credits, and the chance to use them to buy old-school skins you might have missed out on.

This is the sort of event that works nicely for new players, but by and large, Overwatch doesn't get many of those compared to the wealths of returning players. It's those players that are keeping the game trundling, and because they've seen it all before, they've had enough.

Players are sick of Overwatch's 'laziness'

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their irritations with Blizzard's approach to yet another anniversary event - and as you can imagine, they're not particularly thrilled. One grumbled, "The events get lazier and lazier," while another added, "You are invited to uninstall the game!" Apparently, plenty of you already have.

A third said, "Seriously? No new skins, Dance emotes nothing? That’s what we get excited for during anniversary events cmon overwatch! Was excited to get ramattras dance emote." A fourth concluded, "Limited Anniversary Shop…. God I fucking hate what this game become! and I've been here since 2016…"

Worryingly, one critic said, "I did that 3 days ago and have never been happier," after being reminded they could uninstall. Hopefully, this isn't a trend that catches on. It's no shock that Overwatch players aren't happy, but in Overwatch's defence, they've never been known as the easier fans to please. What's new?

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