Overwatch 2 players don't fancy new Hero Mauga's chances in competitive play

Overwatch 2 players don't fancy new Hero Mauga's chances in competitive play
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7th Nov 2023 14:22

Overwatch 2 is still fighting for attention from its players, and even though its recent LE SSERRAFIM cosmetic drop is thought to have destroyed its in-game store, the game actually needs to have gameplay to keep up. And it looks like they're gearing up to patch up the game with a tank character that players have waited a very long time for.

Mauga has finally landed in-game to a select few players, and it's something that has caused a buzz in the game's community - but those who have played him have some choice words for him.

Mauga in competitive play will be "a struggle," claim fans

Fans have taken to the Overwatch subreddit to claim that after extensive play in the early access for Mauga, that the tank doesn't live up to expectations right now, and if he's launched in his current state, he won't stand a chance in competitive play.

The lengthy post pulls apart every aspect that makes him tough to justify - he's an easy shot for snipers and large-spread characters, and if he comes up against a Sombra, he's brought to his knees quicker than any other counter. The post claims he's in need of a major buff if he's to be put to the pros.

"My assumption is that Blizzard is using this as an opportunity to test him so they can get feedback," the post concludes. "I'm hopeful they will change him, as I cannot fathom why they would release a character with such a huge hitbox but no armour and with so many counters available against him."

When is Mauga coming to Overwatch 2?

Mauga holding his miniguns in Overwatch 2.
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Mauga has now already left Overwatch 2 after his limited playtesting, and he's now set to make his official debut in the shooter alongside its new Season 8, which begins on December 5.

It's good that he's coming soon, but we hope that Blizzard can tidy things up a bit before he actually debuts. After all, what's the use of a tank that can't sponge up damage?

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