Overwatch 2 fans claim Season 4 is the ‘worst meta’ yet

Overwatch 2 fans claim Season 4 is the ‘worst meta’ yet
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Jack Marsh


26th May 2023 17:46

Having transitioned from 6v6 gameplay to squads of five, Overwatch 2 heroes have all undergone surgery to their abilities to prepare for more individual skill and less reliance on tanks.

But after a string of hero buffs and nerfs, and the addition of the new character Lifeweaver, fans are now fully adjusted to the gameplay.

Now that they've found their feet, though, Overwatch 2 fans have quickly realised that the game is in its "worst meta" yet in Season 4.

Overwatch 2 fans blast Season 4 as the 'worst meta' yet

Season 4 has been the worst season in the Overwatch 2 era so far in my opinion.
by u/Tall-Rhubarb-7926 in overwatch2

Taking to Reddit, players have now expressed how exasperated they are playing Overwatch 2 at the moment.

"All the monetization and other stuff put aside I've enjoyed OW2 so far in general," said one poster, adding, "Season 4 has been the worst season in the Overwatch 2 era so far in my opinion."

"I'm just so sick of Junker Queen, Widow, Hanzo, Mei and Sombra in the current meta. For the first time I feel like this game has actually became [sic] kind of stale," they said.

Overwatch 2 fans claim the game is 'stale' for the first time

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After branding Lifeweaver as a "flop" too, the original poster continued to add that it even beat the much-maligned "Roadhog and Orisa" meta as at least there were other distractions with events, but the game has now become stale.

Other fans agreed too, with one player saying, "Season 2 was peak OW2, now playing through in Season 4, I feel burned out and the game feels stale".

Another fan added, "I always hate when a non-vertically mobile tank is meta."

What might be most frightening for Overwatch 2 players is that Blizzard's revised roadmap following the gutting of PvE is already hyping up Season 6 - meaning Season 5 may be skipped over.

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