Our Resident Evil 2024 hopes might’ve just been shattered

Our Resident Evil 2024 hopes might’ve just been shattered
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Tom Chapman


28th Nov 2023 16:45

The Resiverse could be going quiet in 2024, as our hopes of a mystery Resident Evil game have seemingly been dashed. We've been spoilt with Resi releases recently, as every year since 2019, we've had a new one. Sorry, we're including 2022's Re:Verse in there. Sadly, 2024 could break the trend.

Up there with Monster Hunter, Resident Evil is one of Capcom's biggest bangers. So, when the gaming giant's financials hinted toward a mystery drop before the end of March 2024, fans are excited that they could be opening up their umbrella all over again. Now, it's time to temper those expectations.

Capcom's mystery game might not be Resident Evil

According to trusted Resiverse leaker DuskGolem, Capcom's surprise title won't be anything in the Resident Evil wheelhouse. Killing two birds with one stone, they say there will be no Resident Evil remakes in 2024 and that 4Chan stuff about a Code: Veronica remake is "ballacks" - translation, a load of rubbish.

The extremely eager among us hoped that the confirmed Resident Evil 9 could land in 2024, and even though that's still possible, it doesn't fit the criteria of Capcom's mystery game. With zero marketing, was anyone really buying that we'd get a Village sequel in the first half of 2024?

Even though the success of 2023's Resident Evil 4 will likely have dollar signs ringing in Capcom's eyes, we've technically jumped past Code: Veronica at this point on the timeline. Still, a Code: Veronica remake would lead nicely into the RE4 remake's post-credits setting up an RE5 remake

If not Resi, what could Capcom be working on?

Monster Hunter Rise dog
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With Resident Evil out in 2024, it's over to the floor of speculation about what's on the way. When one joked about the long-rumoured Dino Crisis remake, someone else added, "I'll be praying with you brother." Yeah, good luck with that. Capcom would rather make Exoprimal than revisit the IP.

There were also a lot of calls for another Dead Rising to make up for the mistakes of Dead Rising 4, but come on, we all know what it's going to be. Someone in the thread wrote, "It's not even a secret that it's Monster Hunter, dunno why he's being vague."

Another added, "Heart: Dino Crisis, Head & Common Sense: Something Monster Hunter." Although sceptics say Capcom wouldn't release another MH with such a marketing window, others point out that Monster Hunter's 20th anniversary is coming on March 11. Coincidental timing or spoiling the surprise ahead of time? You tell us. 

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