4Chan leak sparks Resident Evil Code: Veronica Remake rumours

4Chan leak sparks Resident Evil Code: Veronica Remake rumours
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Tarran Stockton


27th Nov 2023 10:06

A month doesn't seem to go by without new leaks and rumours for the Resident Evil franchise. Since the release of RE7, it's been rejuvenated with critically acclaimed remakes, and this has led to a lot of different reports on what games are next. 

While some fans are convinced that Capcom's next outing will be an RE5 Remake, according to a new leak from 4Chan, the Resident Evil Code: Veronica Remake is starting to take shape.

Code: Veronica leak points to multiple playable characters

Code Veronica 4 Chan leak
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Image via 4Chan

The 4Chan leak is supposedly from a Japanese tester of the game who had access to a short demo created by the developers to "test and give feedback to new mechanics." 

The post explains a little about what they encountered in the demo, such as the different playable characters and unique gameplay mechanics they each possess. 

It begins by following Claire as she attempts to escape some guards in an Umbrella facility, before being sent to a prison called Rockfort Island. There, she encounters another prisoner named Steve, agreeing to help him out. 

The post then explains some of the key differences between the characters. For example, Claire is much faster and better at aiming with weapons, while Steve can dual-wield and run faster. 

Additionally, he can use stealth and knows some passwords for various areas, while Claire is better at performing puzzles, even giving hints to the player.

None of these details are unbelievable, and it would make sense to expand on the different playable characters in CV Remake, but is this post worth taking seriously?

Is the Resident Evil Code: Veronica leak trustworthy?

an image of Resident Evil Code: Veronica gameplay
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It's worth taking this leak with a big grain of salt though. While Capcom has previously said they won't rule out a Code Veronica remake, there are a few oddities with the 4Chan post that could point to it being a hoax. 

Firstly, the writer starts off by saying "I am jap", which is typically used as a slur against Japanese people. 4Chan is very much a breeding ground for bigoted views, and they do state a friend helped them, but it's a puzzling opener that does suggest it could have been written by someone pretending to be Japanese to make the leak appear more authentic.

The broken English in the post is also inconsistent, with it clearing up roughly halfway through to become much clearer and straightforward. 

Ultimately, we don't know how real the leak is, but with more believable leaks being teased for games like Resident Evil 9, until we get official confirmation of a Code Veronica Remake, we suggest not putting too much faith in it.

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