NVIDIA announces new slate of DLSS supported games

NVIDIA announces new slate of DLSS supported games
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Harry Boulton


25th Apr 2023 14:00

The latest batch of NVIDIA DLSS-supported games have been announced, and some included will definitely boost your overall performance. While gaming hardware is more powerful than ever before, tools like DLSS can dramatically improve your experience on even the best graphics cards out there.

While there are already a whopping 290 games included in the DLSS catalogue, NVIDIA are always looking for more to join the club - and the four games announced today will certainly turn plenty of heads following the latest game ready driver update last week.

Returnal gets an NVIDIA upgrade with DLSS 3

Screenshot of combat with a tentacle alien in Returnal
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The biggest announcement from NVIDIA today is definitely the impending upgrade to the Returnal PC port, bringing the latest version of their deep learning super sampling technology.

While the game was already a key title featuring Ray Tracing and DLSS 2 support, the implementation of DLSS 3 will dramatically improve top-end performance numbers, making high framerate 4K gaming with ray tracing a reality for the rouguelite.

Graph showing Returnal performance improvements when using DLSS 3 on 40-series cards
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As shown in the graph above, average framerates in Returnal at 4K, max settings, Ray Tracing on skyrocket by over double with all of the available 40-series cards - with the 4090 going from 83.9fps to an incredible 188.6fps.

This update will ensure that you will get the best image quality, with all of the wonderful lighting and reflection improvements that Ray Tracing brings, all with a buttery smooth frame rate too.

Three new games boosted with DLSS 2

Key art of Jack holding out a fist in STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN
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Square Enix

There have additionally been improvements made to three games outside of Returnal, bringing DLSS 2 to their repertoire. The latest games to join the DLSS club are as follows:

  • Monster Energy Supercross

They join the already gigantic list of DLSS-approved games which has now breached the 290 mark, and the best thing is that there is only more to make their way over in the future.

Furthermore, another trailer for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has been released, showing off all of the performance-boosting features that players will be able to take advantage of with full Ray Tracing and DLSS 3 support with the game at launch, so make sure to check it out.

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