Nintendo leaker apologises for Donkey Kong game reveal

Nintendo leaker apologises for Donkey Kong game reveal
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27th Sep 2023 11:53

We're going bananas over the idea that a new Donkey Kong game could be just over the horizon. While Nintendo is known for its big three of Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda, let's remember that the portly plumber wouldn't be where he is today without that grouchy gorilla.

It was 1981's Donkey Kong that introduced us to Mario (originally known as Jumpman) and set Nintendo on the path it is today. In fact, if not for the iconic arcade machine, we're not sure gaming in general would be where it is in 2023. So, let's put a little respect on DK's name.

Nintendo leaker apologises for Donkey Kong game reveal

Donkey Kong 64 dancing
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With whispers of a Nintendo Switch 2 gaining momentum, fans are looking ahead to the hopeful release of a Super Mario Odyssey sequel alongside the console. For others, they're looking further afield at what other titles could be out in the aether. Alongside an F-Zero revival, there are rumours of a 3D Donkey Kong game

Noted Nintendo leaker Zippo has been talking about a new Donkey Kong game for longer than we'd care to remember, and while they're convinced it's still coming, they've apologised for jumping the gun. On their Blogspot page, Zippo claims Nintendo's in-house EPD Tokyo studio is heading up DK's long-awaited return.

They expanded on what's going on with the rumoured title, saying, "I've gone and gotten this double checked with every possible source possible, and I can safely say EPD Tokyo's DK game is still very much a thing. I'm going to apologize, because, to be frank, I talked about this game way too early." 

Zippo concluded, "The only other thing I can say about it is that it has indeed been moved Nintendo's next console. That's it. When I have more, you guys will be the first to know." It's all well and good, but Zippo has a sometimes spotty history of leaks, meaning we could be slipping on a banana skin with this one.

Donkey Kong's history of standalone games

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze gameplay
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While it's true that Mario tends to hog the limelight, Donkey Kong has his own troop of fans who are dying to see him get a standalone. Back at the peak of Rare's prominence, Donkey Kong 64 moved the lovable ape into 3D. We've since had the likes of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze, although he's been MIA since 2014.

Away from out-there games like Donkey Konga, the classic DK platformers have helped the character find his feet at Nintendo. We know there's Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake, but as Mario will almost certainly return with an open-world adventure for the Switch 2, we can only hope DK gets the game he deserves. 

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