Nintendo Could Be Getting Its Own Call Of Duty Studio

Nintendo Could Be Getting Its Own Call Of Duty Studio
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Jack Marsh


23rd Jan 2023 14:31

The Call of Duty franchise is coming to Nintendo in the near future, but since Microsoft and Nintendo signed the dotted line on the partnership, we're yet to hear what type of Call of Duty content will land... and where.

After putting a ten-year deal on paper, it appears that Nintendo's venture into Call of Duty has just silently started.

New leaks on LinkedIn have started hinting that Call of Duty could launch an entire Nintendo studio. More than this, the work might already be underway.

Is Nintendo Getting A Call of Duty Studio?

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YouTuber "Doctre81" has found that Infinity Ward looks set to be opening its own Nintendo studio within the company, as new job listings have emerged.

Posts on LinkedIn have shown that Activision is opening a brand-new Call of Duty studio that will fall under the Infinity Ward branch.

The job posting doesn't specifically include any notion of what consoles (new or old) they'll be helping develop the UI and UX for, but the new studio will open in Austin, Texas, which is where Nintendo's Retro Studios are also based.

Interestingly, this was the same approach the franchise took when they opted to bring out Modern Warfare (2007), World at War, Black Ops, and Modern Warfare 3 to the Nintendo Wii consoles. 

Five Nintendo Designers Have Moved To 'New Call of Duty Studio'

According to the YouTube personality, the new Austin-based already has "five ex-Nintendo employees staffed there," inferring that it's not a coincidence that they are housed in the new studios.

He also added that these new job listings only appeared after the Microsoft x Nintendo deal was signed and delivered.

This doesn't exactly answer what type of content we'll get, whether it be remastered games, ports of the new titles, or even a Switch-based game replicable of CoD: Mobile.

Still, at least there's the implication that Infinity Ward is treating the new deal with a great injection of care, which can only be positive for everyone.

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