NICKMERCS Says Removing Slide Cancelling Is Great For MW2

NICKMERCS Says Removing Slide Cancelling Is Great For MW2

Written by 

Jack Marsh


22nd Sep 2022 16:23

After claiming that slide cancelling has been ejected from the new Call of Duty experience, it took only one hour for Call of Duty League movement king Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro to find a new workaround.

Infinity Ward has doubled down on its stance against the mechanic and has revealed some new tweaks that will stop the reformed glitch, and now, Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff is quite the fan. With players having found a revised way of slide cancelling that IW wasn't aware of, the devs have opened up about adjusting the system, adamant that slide cancelling will not be in Modern Warfare 2.

NICKMERCS, who won the first-ever Warzone 2 match as pros and content creators collided on Al Mazrah at the CoD: Next showcase, has now explained why he's all for the removal of slide cancelling.

NICKMERCS Discusses MW2 Slide Cancelling

Taking to a new upload to discuss his early thoughts on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, NICKMERCS was evidently quite happy with slide cancelling getting the axe.

"I wasn't a fan of slide cancelling," began NICKMERCS in a YouTube upload. He added, "I think pressing in your analogue down like that every two seconds, a thousand times a day is ridiculous."

The popular content creator also claimed that the mechanic was unnecessarily straining for players, saying, "For a guy like me who doesn’t want to smash my stick in a hundred thousand times a day anymore, that's going to p*ss me off."


NICKMERCS Hopes For New Skill Gap Requirements

Despite the removal of slide cancelling - which NICKMERCS admitted was a good way of creating a skill gap if it wasn't so physically taxing to complete - the FaZe Clan streamer did hope for another move to take its place to allow better players to exert their skill.

"I like the fact that they took [slide cancelling] out, I think it's f*cking stupid. I think there are other ways to implement skill gaps without breaking your thumb, you know. Usually, I am on the side where if something adds to the skill gap then let's do it." The bunny-hopping mechanic has already begun to become quite prevalent in the beta, with snaking also proving to be quite a problem.

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