NICKMERCS claims ‘Warzone 2 Ranked came too late’

NICKMERCS claims ‘Warzone 2 Ranked came too late’
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31st May 2023 21:04

On the eve of the release of his official Warzone Operator - a first for any content creator in the history of Call of Duty - Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff has taken a swipe at the battle royale, claiming that the developers cannot save their game.

Previously, NICKMERCS claimed that Warzone Ranked was a step in the right direction, and ever since, the streamer has begun climbing through the divisions up into Crimson.

Now though, as his Apex Legends professional career calls him back, NICKMERCS has claimed Warzone Ranked came too late, and that the devs should've brought it out years ago.

NICKMERCS appreciates the difficult Warzone Ranked system

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In his latest YouTube upload featuring many of his stream highlights, NICKMERCS opened up about his thoughts on Warzone Ranked. Although he praised the system for being really good and challenging, he had some other thoughts.

"It's a good ranked system, I really like it," said Kolcheff on his stream. "I hope they don’t make it easier because I like the challenge."

The system had previously been criticised by many players for favouring streamers, but has since undergone some balancing issues for matchmaking. Still, it's clear there are some gremlins in the system.

NICKMERCS claims Ranked came 'too late' to save Warzone

Despite his praise for the game mode - and his obvious grind through the ranks - NICKMERCS did have an issue. He's now claimed that the mode has come too late, adding that the Verdansk era would have been perfect for it.

"Imagine we had a Ranked Mode in Warzone 1. I keep thinking about it. This s**t on Verdansk would have hit differently. It’s hitting different as is, and I am on the new one."

"You just know that we'd have been feeding off this during quarantine," he added. "We'd have been going nuts. You wouldn't have been able to get me off that game."

Nick continued to say that at least he's gotten the most out of battle royale games in general, having hit peak Fortnite in Tilted Towers, the prime Warzone Verdansk days, and now Apex Legends in "possibly the best state it's ever been in." But, it does beg the question, would Warzone still be the genre leader if they added Ranked earlier?

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