New Modern Warfare 2 Map Footage Shows Horrific Recoil Patterns

New Modern Warfare 2 Map Footage Shows Horrific Recoil Patterns

Written by 

Jack Marsh


12th Aug 2022 15:26

With Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer still eluding our screens, Infinity Ward has decided to tease our patience in recent weeks, littering out sneak previews of the maps that will be available at launch.

Recently, during the Call of Duty League World Championships Grand Final, the developers revealed that the upcoming beta will feature one of their most ambitious maps to date with the Marina Grand Prix.

Now, ahead of the worldwide reveal in September, they have opted to take to TikTok to show how they get down to business in designing the landscapes and have shown off a new map - and a first exciting, yet questionable, look at how the gunplay works.

Infinity Ward Show Off Farm 18, The Second Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Map

Having already shown off the Grand Prix map, Infinity Ward has now introduced what looks to be Modern Warfare 2's tiny all-guns-blazing map. Taking the reins from the likes of Das House (Vanguard), Shoothouse (Modern Warfare), Nuketown (Black Ops), and other miniature battlegrounds, Farm 18 will serve as the most chaotic map Modern Warfare 2 will have to offer at launch.

Taking to TikTok and Twitter, the developers showcased the design which centres around a Gulag-esque centrefold and further square lanes of sight around the sides.

While little actual gameplay was shown, IW did sneak in one burst of gunfire, and fans immediately picked up on it.


Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Shows Horrific Recoil Patterns

"Is this multiplayer gameplay? LOL", quizzed Jack "Courage" Dunlop, clearly confused at the one-second clip of a weapon firing. 

The developer's snippet showed an Assault Rifle firing towards a wall and instantly kicking to the right with some insane recoil, while the iron sites bobbed up and down like a duck on caffeine. 

The rifle appeared to be a base-level gun that hadn't been modified by their extensive gunsmith system, but nonetheless, its kick appeared to be incredibly hard to contain, which could serve as quite an issue for the long-range players.

Maybe, this is by design, and Infinity Ward is up to their usual deceitful ways, or maybe it's not going to be a friendly year for Assault Rifle mains. We'll see soon enough.

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