MW3 fans want ‘Strike’ maps back to fix ‘fluffy’ Derail and Underpass

MW3 fans want ‘Strike’ maps back to fix ‘fluffy’ Derail and Underpass
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Jack Marsh


7th Feb 2024 17:36

The times have changed in Call of Duty, previous Modern Warfare 2 maps which excelled as sniper havens back in 2013 are no longer fun, with Modern Warfare 3 fans preferring small maps filled with chaos.

Sledgehammer Games is leaning into this vibe too, noticing the likes of Wasteland and Derial are decreasing in popularity, while new tiny maps are being widely anticipated.

With that in mind, some fans want to make those old tropes great again and have hatched the idea that Sledgehammer should steal a Black Ops Cold War feature and release "Strike" maps.

Modern Warfare 3 fans want a 'Derail Strike' map 

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Strike maps were first brought into Cold War as a necessary way of chopping those massive maps up, such as Miami, where the developers axed a lot of the "fluff" around the edges and kept the middle sections available, albeit with a few tweaks.

Now, Modern Warfare 3 players have called for the same action on Derail, claiming that they can cut the map down by around 40% with the removal of both spawn areas, flipping the map sideways, and playing in a much smaller area with the central building used as a pivot.

"I feel that this map is universally loathed by all, but if they did what they did to the original Miami in Cold War it might make it more enjoyable for all," said one Redditor who created a post calling for "Derail Strike".

"Get rid of like 30%-40% of the fluff and it could really be a decent map," they added.

Could 'Strike' maps help Modern Warfare 3's 'loathed' remasters?


The idea for Derial Strike has already been applauded by fellow Redditors.

Some commenters also pointed out that they could just halve the map in length, moving the spawns up to the bridge and the underground bypass, where you could then have all of the buildings in play, keeping a lot of the cover needed in a 6v6 map but making exchanges much more frequent and eliminating most camp spots.

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This logic could also be used on Underpass, Quarry, or even Wasteland if it's halved again in either width or length.

Other fans did push back on this idea, claiming Derial is quite fun for snipers and sentinels, although that map could stay in rotation too as a 10v10 Mosh Pit map.

Given Sledgehammer has already remastered some maps again with the Vortex mode, maybe this is more viable than we first thought.

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