MW2 realists slam ‘useless’ Tempus Torrent gun attachments

MW2 realists slam ‘useless’ Tempus Torrent gun attachments
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Jack Marsh


27th Mar 2023 11:44

The Tempus Torrent, or better known by its new name, Tempus Torrid, isn't enjoying life in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 so far. And, it's clear to see why.

Looking much akin to the M4, this marksman rifle promised to finally see a breakout in the weapon class that has long been discarded.

However, it has failed to live up to its expectations, while fans have now found that its failure stems from "backwards and useless" attachments that don't help the base gun.

Tempus Torrent attachments labelled 'useless' for MW2

"[The] 50 Round Drum mag on the Tempus Torrent has to be the most backward and useless attachment for the gun," one fan said on a popular Reddit post.

The main gripe comes from the fact that the rifle will always only be single-fire, meaning that you can barely burn through the standard 20 bullets without having time to reload, meaning that you're stuck with a bunch of defects to the ADS and Sprint to Fire times.

"It would be useful if the weapon had a full auto toggle, like the FTAC Recon," they added, before pointing out that the FTAC only has 15 bullets per mag even with the full-auto buff. 

Others joked that the bigger mag makes the Tempus Torrent ADS slower than the Warzone revive time, leaving you hip-firing this monstrous rifle across the map. The only useful scenario for this attachment appears to be when camping on Shipment. Shock.

New Tempus Torrent gun appears to be optimised for DMZ

One saving grace for the Tempus Torrent and its "useless" attachments is that said equipment actually appears optimal for the DMZ game mode.

Someone else noted that, "The drum is useful in DMZ. You only get one mag and 40 [bullets] in reserve so getting a 50-round mag gives a total of 90 instead of 60."

Although it's quite clear that an ammunition box is required for the gun to be 'meta' in the game mode, it can serve as a great starter weapon for the exfil mode. It's just a shame that the battle rifle couldn't live up to this hype in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, too.

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