MW3 Field Upgrade celebrated as 'best thing' ever added to CoD

MW3 Field Upgrade celebrated as 'best thing' ever added to CoD
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17th Oct 2023 17:25

One of the reasons why hype is at an all-time high for Modern Warfare 3 is the wave of nostalgia coming with the title.

MW3 will feature all of the remasted MW2 (2009) maps, slide cancelling, and of course, the fan-favourite ACR.

However, Sledgehammer is bringing new additions to the table as well, with one unlikely feature receiving a huge amount of attention. Built for objective players, one specific Field Upgrade is being heralded as the "best thing" ever added to Call of Duty.

MW3's ACS Field Upgrade is loved by objective players



Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, user u/eyeriis declared that, in their opinion, the "ACS Field Upgrade is the best thing to be added to COD."

The useful gadget can be thrown down onto an objective to automatically capture it over time. This means you don't have to risk pushing directly onto the point yourself, giving you the chance to take up a power position.

"The ACS is so f**king helpful when actually trying to win the game, especially in Hardpoint which is my favourite mode."

Other players in the thread agreed, describing the ACS as like "having the ability to call in a reliable teammate to capture while you defend and kill." Ultimately, it's a Field Upgrade "designed for OBJ players," and it's safe to say the community appreciate it a lot.

Other CoD players are less impressed with the ACS in MW3

MW3 Favela
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As always, there are a select few competitors that aren't particularly impressed with the ACS and believe it's a little too weak in its current form.

"I'm finding it mostly seems to get destroyed in less than 20 seconds after I drop it," said one user, with another arguing "It doesn't work half the time though, needs to get fixed."

It appears some players are running into issues with the ACS not working, which will hopefully addressed by MW3's November 10 release.

Either way, the ACS has a lot of fans, especially those who enjoy controlling objectives. This is a portion of the community that often gets overlooked, so it's great to see the devs giving them a nod.

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