More Call of Duty x The Walking Dead collabs could be coming

More Call of Duty x The Walking Dead collabs could be coming
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Tom Chapman


26th Feb 2024 12:50

It seems that The Walking Dead just keeps on 'walking,' as it sounds like the Call of Duty franchise isn't done with Robert Kirkman's flesh-hungry munchers just yet. Zombies is easily the best thing that Treyarch has brought to the CoDverse, but while Activision continues to sleep on its potential, there could be crossovers galore.

The idea of seeing The Walking Dead cross into CoD sounds like a money-making goldmine, but it's fair to say that the ever-hard-to-please gaming community is less than impressed by skins based on Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira's Michonne. If you're one of them, be prepared to be even angrier now.

More Call of Duty x The Walking Dead crossovers could be on the way

Rick and Michonne Call of Duty collab
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Image via Sledgehammer Games

With Rick and Michonne battling hordes of the undead in Call of Duty from February 28, Clayton Neuman, Head of Franchise at AMC, and Jon Riva, Content Art Director at Sledgehammer Games for Call of Duty, have spoken to Screen Rant about what could be next. 

When pressed about whether more TWD characters could make the leap, Neuman explained, "I'd love to do that. We don't have anything to announce or anything like that. But certainly, the Walking Dead universe is continuing to grow and evolve.

"We've got three spin-off series now featuring fan favourite beloved iconic characters in these exciting new locations. And I think there are a lot of possibilities moving forward with future collaborations." When asked about specifics, Riva added, "For me, I'm a big fan of Daryl, Negan."

Riva continued, "I mean, the whole verse of Walking Dead fits naturally into Call of Duty with the zombies part. But even without that, they are grounded, realistic characters, beautiful stories built in reality, and I think that's something that we have in Call of Duty.

"At least it's like a modern reality, right? So it fits well, so I think any character would come in and be successful." Neuman echoed Riva's hopes to see Daryl and Negan splatter the battlefield with decaying flesh, and given their popularity, we're sure players will agree. 

The dead never die

Negan and Lucille The Walking Dead
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Image via AMC

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Much like how the live-action world of The Walking Dead refuses to die on the small screen, it could be much the same for Call of Duty. Although the main series and Fear the Walking Dead have finished, there's the Daryl Dixon series, Dead City with Negan and Maggie, and The Ones Who Live finally uniting Rick and Michonne.

We've already seen CoD fans complain that the franchise has been leaning on its crossovers with The Boys too much, so the last thing we want is an oversaturation of TWD collabs. Still, the fan-favourite Negan could be an easy sell, especially after the disappointing blueprint inspired by his wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille. 

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