Activision accidentally confirms Modern Warfare 3 for the first time

Activision accidentally confirms Modern Warfare 3 for the first time
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Jack Marsh


18th Jul 2023 17:25

Oh, don't you just love irony? In the midst of striking down leakers, Activision has accidentally and indirectly leaked the next Call of Duty game. We pretty much knew it, but it seems the publisher has confirmed the arrival of Modern Warfare 3 for the first time.

With the next iteration of Call of Duty still not having been revealed by Activision - despite a usual release window of November - leaks have now begun to pour out and spoiled the surprise head of an official reveal. Better yet, Activision could be one of the worst culprits at leaking CoD

In a bid to hush-hush these secrets, Activision has inadvertently announced Modern Warfare 3 by copyright striking the leakers and dataminers and including the name of the game on their letters.

Modern Warfare 3 confirmed by Activision

Following a string of leaks which claimed that Modern Warfare 3 will overhaul the perks system, classic mini-map will be back, and iconic game modes are returning, Activision has wasted no time rolling out copyright strikes against those doing the good word of leaking details about the franchise's future.

Within the DMCA strike itself, Activision claims that it's protecting "Modern Warfare 3," meaning this is the first time the gaming giant has acknowledged the game in the public eye.

An in-game event for the next Call of Duty is scheduled for some point in August, when Modern Warfare 3 will be officially unveiled to fans. It's interesting that we were previously told Call of Duty 2023 definitely wouldn't be Modern Warfare 3

Activision's DMCA strikes confirm leaks

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What's interesting about the DMCA strikes is that Activision is now confirming that the leaked content does actually exist, and therefore, pretty much confirms that at least some of the rumours are true.

With that being said, it now appears Modern Warfare 3 will be reintroducing some pivotal multiplayer features like Ninja and classic minimaps and will also be carrying over Operators and weapons from Modern Warfare 2.

With hope, the lid on this information will be lifted in August. In the meantime, there are just a few more weeks of leaks to wade through until we should know what's going on under the hood in Modern Warfare 3

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