MW3 teases Gulag showdown between Price and Makarov

MW3 teases Gulag showdown between Price and Makarov
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16th Aug 2023 17:00

Over the last three years, we've become rather accustomed to the Gulag - some more than others, you know who you are - but some folk have spent years there in the Call of Duty world.

Captain Price was once a celly who was dwelling in the cells beneath the Verdansk-based prison of war, rescued within the Modern Warfare 2 campaign (original).

Now, it seems like the Gulag is coming back in Modern Warfare 3 and will be releasing one of the most fearsome characters in the universe, which could also open up the doors to an incredible 1v1 in the new deadly arena.

Verdansk's gulag features in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign

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With the arrival of Makarov in Modern Warfare 3, early trailers have shown the Russian operative being led through the Gulag showers whilst other prisoners are fighting a bloody duel.

Makarov does look like he's being led out for release, which will spark his undeniable villain role, but he's never been one to stick to too many rules, and could soon use the prison as a foothold, given that the Modern Warfare 3 campaign will take place on Verdansk.

And although the two series aren't necessarily tied together by canon - highlighted by Shephard and Ghosts' character arcs - Price and Makarov could be destined to both end in the same place again in a cutscene that would rival the old Rust 1v1.

Modern Warfare 3 teases more Gulag promo


While we've had quite a lot of promo content featuring Verdansk, it now seems like the developers are weighing a lot of importance on the Gulag, as another advert has now featured the prison.

The latest SMS message sent to players who have signed up for extra MW3 details has shown the descending stairs and control unit that leads to the Gulag showers - the same stairs that were accessible in Warzone and featured in Price's rescue mission in MW2.

While we haven't had any exact confirmation of a reunion in this location between Price and Makarov, it could all be gearing up to a similar finale that we have seen in the past, where Makarov and Price are placed in the Gulag until only one can walk away.

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