What are Open Combat Missions in Modern Warfare 3?

What are Open Combat Missions in Modern Warfare 3?
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23rd Aug 2023 14:19

Play the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign your way with Open Combat Missions (OCMs). Historically, Call of Duty Campaigns have always been relatively linear, but that's changing with Open Combat Missions. So, keep reading for all the details on Open Combat Missions in Modern Warfare 3.

What are Open Combat Missions in Modern Warfare 3?

Open Combat Missions are player-directed experiences in MW3
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Open Combat Missions are semi-open world single-player missions debuting for the first time in the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign. In an interview with Xbox Wire, David Swenson, the Campaign Creative Director for Modern Warfare 3, described OCMs as a "huge innovation" and an "evolution in Call of Duty Campaigns".

Open Combat Missions are an opportunity to stray from the traditional linear gameplay offered in Call of Duty Campaigns and implement tactics of your choosing to complete objectives. In OCMs, you decide how you want to approach the assigned tasks. To aid in your duties, you will have access to an array of weapons and equipment suited to whatever strategy you plan to implement.

If All Ghillied Up from Call of Duty 4 is your favourite Call of Duty Campaign level ever, you can tackle MW3's Open Combat Missions using the same plan of attack. With the right equipment and skills, you can complete the mission objectives without alerting a single enemy.

Conversely, you can complete the same OCM with an all-guns-blazing approach where you wipe out every adversary in sight using vehicles and killstreaks. How you beat an Open Combat Mission is entirely your choice!

Naturally, Open Combat Missions offer extreme replayability. The same OCM might feel like a totally different experience when you apply a new set of tactics. If you aren't satisfied with how an Open Combat Mission is playing out, you can approach the objective from a different angle or simply start over with a whole new blueprint.

How to play Open Combat Missions in Modern Warfare 3

About half of the MW3 Campaign is Open Combat Missions
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Open Combat Missions are woven into the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign. While they might sound reminiscent of Special Ops, they are not their own entity. Play through the MW3 Campaign, and you will experience a variety of Open Combat Missions!

If you've ever played a Call of Duty Campaign, you're familiar with the traditional formula of linear levels supported by action-packed cinematics. While the MW3 Campaign still features these classic missions, it now includes Open Combat Missions too.

Open Combat Missions are a primary focus of the MW3 Campaign. OCMs make up roughly half of the Campaign. These aren't side missions either; they complement the long-established narrative-driven missions Call of Duty is famous for.

That's the basics of Open Combat Missions in Modern Warfare 3. Play through the MW3 Campaign to experience Open Combat Missions and lead Captain Price and Task Force 141 against Vladimir Makarov as you see fit!

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