Modern Warfare 3 Beta maps revealed in cinematic trailer

Modern Warfare 3 Beta maps revealed in cinematic trailer
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Jack Marsh


3rd Oct 2023 17:30

The Modern Warfare 3 Beta is close enough that you can almost smell the sweat from the slide-cancelling, bunny-hopping, G-Fuel-supplementing players itching to get a headstart on this year of Call of Duty action.

The upcoming playtest is set to give us an incline into what the game will be like, with new movement mechanics and gunsmiths set to be featured.

But as we prepare to have our first whiff of action, Sledgehammer Games has now dropped a cinematic trailer which has blessed us with a first glimpse of what maps we'll actually be getting familiar with again.

Modern Warfare 3 Beta to include Rust, Favela, and more

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The Modern Warfare 2 (2009) remastered maps have been a hot topic of focus for players heading into Modern Warfare 3, as long-time fans of the franchise are looking forward to reliving their childhood.

Now, the Modern Warfare 3 Beta maps have been revealed, with four maps being available on the opening weekend (PlayStation Exclusive).

Those who drop in on October 6 - 10 will have the pick of Rust, Favela, Estate, and Skidrow to play on, although the game modes have yet to be announced. Hopefully, there will be a 1v1 gunfight mode for those Rust throwbacks.

Modern Warfare 3 fans will get Highrise action in the Beta

Of course, that list misses out on some rather iconic maps like Terminal, but if you simply cannot wait to get your mist on some of the other classics, that's fine, as you'll only need five more sleeps to wait until Highrise enters the game.

Starting on the weekend of Friday 13 (ooooh), Highrise will also be thrown into the mix after its finished article was showcased a few weeks back.

The Modern Warfare 3 Beta looks set to ignite quite a lot of energy into the future of Call of Duty with nostalgia in the driving seat.

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