Modern Warfare 2 players are ditching Roze for a new baddie

Modern Warfare 2 players are ditching Roze for a new baddie
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Jack Marsh


5th Apr 2023 14:52

She was once a shadow to be reckoned with. An opaque lurker in the dark that would strike fear into unbeknownst campers across Verdansk.

Then, the mask was lifted and Roze became a heartthrob to be desired in Modern Warfare 2 - changing her balaclava for a long lock of hair and a face that melted Call of Duty fans. But now, Roze has now been usurped by a new baddie, as Season 3 brings forward Valeria.

Valeria to arrive as an Operator in MW2 and fans are loving it

Joining the battle as an operator in Season 3 alongside her bitter rival Alejandro Vargas, Valeria has already become quite the thirst trap for Modern Warfare 2 players.

She instantly won fans over in the campaign, with many to be found simping over her on social media. Now, even the most devoted Roze fans are preparing to switch allegiances, with Valeria being dubbed as the most attractive character in the game.

"Which button makes her step on me?" asked one fan destined to be boinked. Another added, "I'm sure plenty of Valeria operators will give the pleasure of getting T-Bagged by her," while a third said, "I like Valeria's character, hopefully she doesn’t become the sweatlord’s favorite op."

There are other choices, though, as someone else wrote, "I really like Farah. More than Valeria actually. Just don't want to spend 2000 COD points on her bundle."

MW2 fans set to ditch Roze for Valeria in Season 3

With the arrival of the "Cartel Babe" El Sin Nombre, Roze is now set to be discarded by fans, maybe until she pulls back out the balaclava and opts for the all-black suit that gave players the added bonus of not being seen in the dark.

"Roze was so much better when she had her mask," another Redditor commented. All that's left for the "El Simp Nombre" camp to know is whether or not Valeria will be added to the game through the battle pass, an external set of challenges like the Ronin event, or the in-game store bundles.

At least, there will be no swimsuit skins like in Apex Legends, otherwise, the Call of Duty community might just collapse and grind to a halt.

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