Modern Warfare 2 is giving out ‘free’ Vault Edition upgrades

Modern Warfare 2 is giving out ‘free’ Vault Edition upgrades
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Jack Marsh


31st May 2023 15:35

Activision might have set records with Modern Warfare 2 for its sales, having sold over $1 billion worth of units for the 2022/23 Call of Duty, but if you haven't been tempted to get involved yet, now might be your time.

As Warzone 2's player count continues to plummet (despite the addition of Ranked) players have been looking for elsewhere to flex their gun talents. The good ol' multiplayer experience could be the best place for that, given how it's now throwing away some crazy freebies. 

Some players have tried out Cold War, but given there is a wealth of seriously threatening IP exploits, Modern Warfare 2 is now the only place to go. So, it's a good job that the Vault Edition has been slashed in price, and you can now collect a massive haul of free goodies.

Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition gets a massive sale on Steam

In a bid to revitalise Modern Warfare 2 for those flocking Warzone players, Activision has decided to axe the price of the multiplayer game and throw in the Vault Edition for free.

On Steam and Battle Net, Activision has now placed the Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition on sale for $70/£59.49, which comes in at the exact same price as the normal game, making the extras absolutely free.

As for the base game, that's now nearly half price, too, as the Standard Edition is now just $38.49/£32.99, which is a 45% discount.

Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition extras are now free

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The free items include four readily unlocked Modern Warfare stalwart Operators in Ghost, Farah, Price, and Soap - all of who come with a custom-made "Red Team" masked outfit that focuses around the alias of Ghost.

You'll also get 50 free Battlepass Tier Skips, the FJX Cinder Block blueprint (now that weapon vaults have been scrapped). Unfortunately, there aren't any upgrades available, meaning you can't just buy the Vault Edition extras if you already own MW2.

The offer only applies to brand-new customers, which is typical of Activision, but to be honest, we'll take a good deal where we can get one. Safe to say, this one is a banger. 

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