Major Black Ops Cold War exploit makes game unsafe to play

Major Black Ops Cold War exploit makes game unsafe to play
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31st May 2023 11:25

Even though Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was released all the way back in 2020, and the game is certainly past its prime in terms of popularity, it still has a dedicated community of players.

Unfortunately, as older CoD titles no longer receive regular patches, it means new glitches and problems rarely get fixed. That's definitely the case for Cold War, with a serious exploit currently allowing players to crash games and gain access to IP addresses.

This has made the beloved Black Ops Cold War unsafe to play and actually puts players' information at risk if they choose to jump into multiplayer.

Black Ops Cold War exploit is causing IP attacks on players


As reported by CharlieINTEL, there's currently a serious exploit in Black Ops Cold War. It allows a person to gain access to another player's IP address and crash matches. This game-breaking issue is not limited to PC because it is actually affecting all platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox.

For the time being, it's recommended that you avoid Cold War until a fix is announced, as you risk having your IP address leaked.

It's possible this problem will completely kill off Cold War's multiplayer community, especially considering it's currently impossible consistently play matches without constant crashes.

Will this Black Ops Cold War exploit get fixed soon?

Cold War exploit
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Courtesy of Activision

As Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are the main priority for Activision and the Call of Duty devs at the moment, it seems unlikely that a fix will be coming for this problem soon.

While it does completely compromise the multiplayer experience and put players at risk, the Cold War community is a fraction of the size of MW2 and WZ2's player base.

As noted by CharlieINTEL, "Activision has not addressed this nor have they stated they're aware of this problem." It indicates that the team has no intentions of fixing the exploit anytime soon.

We'll just have to wait and see, but with Season 4 expected to arrive in the next few weeks, we guess Activision is focusing all of its resources on the upcoming patch.

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