Warzone 2 player count plummets amid Ranked issues

Warzone 2 player count plummets amid Ranked issues
Courtesy of Activision

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Alex Garton


26th May 2023 13:35

Warzone 2's Season 3 Reloaded patch was one of the most anticipated updates of the year as it marked the introduction of Ranked to the battle royale.

This has given the community a more competitive environment where they can test out their skills against opponents of a similar level.

Unfortunatley, this long-awaited mode hasn't boosted the overall playercount in Warzone 2, with players complaining about server issues and unfair suspensions from matches.

In fact, since Ranked arrived in Warzone 2, the player count has dropped significantly compared to last month's numbers.

Warzone 2 playercount drops after Ranked release

Steam Charts Warzone 2
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Courtesy of Steam Charts

According to Steam Charts, the average number of players on Warzone 2 has dropped by over 15,000 since April to just 65,160. This is a 19% drop in population despite Ranked being added to the title during this time frame.

Not only that, the peak player count has only reached 102,040 in the last month, compared to April which peaked at 146,040.

While these stats do show a clear decline, it's worth noting that these are only the numbers for users playing the game on Steam.

This doesn't account for players who use other launchers and those on console, which make up a huge portion of the overall population.

Is Warzone 2's population dying?

Warzone 2 Ashika Island
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Courtesy of Activision

While it may be a step too far to say Warzone 2 is dying, its population has certainly been significantly declining on PC in the last few months. It's especially concerning that a huge update like Ranked has not generated more excitement around the title and pushed up the overall player count.

However, with Season 4 on the horizon and plenty of opportunities for the devs to reinvigorate the player base, it only takes one successful update to bring back a horde of CoD fans.

For now, we'll just have to wait for the next major patch, but it's clear Raven Software is going to have to knock it out of the park or risk losing more players.

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