Miles Morales is unstoppable thanks to Venom Power glitch

Miles Morales is unstoppable thanks to Venom Power glitch

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Tom Chapman


3rd Mar 2021 13:00

We're back to swing across the New York City skyline with another reason to jump into Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Even if Miles Morales wasn't quite a full-blown game in the vein of 2018's Spider-Man, it was a tasty palette cleanser that whet our appetite for the eventual Spider-Man 2. As well as neatly setting up the sequel, Miles Morales fleshed out the story of the fan-favourite hero and proved why Peter Parker isn't the only one worthy of wearing a Spidey suit.

Although much of Miles Morales played the same as Spider-Man - going with the mantra of "If it ain't broke" - Insomniac put in a few new tweaks. Alongside the streetwise Miles having some different suits and gadgets in his wardrobe, there was the introduction of his Venom Powers to help tackle the Tinkerer's Unground Army and Roxxon Energy's goons.

Venom Power proved to be an invaluable addition to Miles' arsenal, and even if you could probably complete the game without using them against enemies, they definitely helped us topple the big bad(s) of the story. Now, one player has discovered a game-breaking glitch that grants you unlimited Venom Powers.

What is the Miles Morales unlimited Venom Power glitch?

Posting on YouTube, Miles Morales fan Nobes explained how they'd been exploring the city and looking for a way to break the game. After getting bored, they carried on with missions and inadvertently came across this game-breaking glitch during the "Emergency Comms Down!" mission. One point requires you to use your Venom electricity to power up the generator. Nobes noted that every time they moved, their Venom Power gauge filled back up.

Deciding to test out their powers, Nobe tried to leap off the rooftop and explore with their new-found unlimited Venom Powers. Unfortunately, they were met with a pop-up warning that they were about to leave the area and the mission. Putting their skills to the test, Nome used the filled bar and Venom Jump to leap out of the area while still staying in the mission. Once free from the boundaries, they're able to swing around the city with a full bar of Venom Power.

Will the Miles Morales Venom Power glitch be removed?

Unfortunately, a Miles Morales Venom Power glitch isn't much use if you can't exactly use it. The unlimited powers can't come with you, and you won't be able to do much inside the side mission. Still, Nobe found a use for the abilities and leaped into the air with the Venom Jump. Thanks to the constantly refilling bar, it means you can Venom Jump into the air forever.

With a little too much time on their hands, Nobe continued to climb through the skies of the city for hours. After about 16,000 metres, Miles disappeared from view, but still, they kept jumping. When Nobe hit 250,000 metres, they decided to let Miles fall. Presumably hours later, he landed on the street with a bump, but was otherwise unharmed. Insomniac clearly isn't that bothered about the laws of physics or portraying realism. 

As for the idea that Insomniac will patch out the glitch. It's highly unlikely. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales was always designed as a standalone and is effectively a supersized DLC. There are no further updates planned, and unless we get a rereleased version alongside the eventual release of Spider-Man 2, expect the Venom Power glitch to stay. It's not much, but next time you fancy booting up the game, why not give it a go?


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