Metal Gear Solid 4, 5, and Peace Walker teased by Master Collection

Metal Gear Solid 4, 5, and Peace Walker teased by Master Collection
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25th Oct 2023 11:33

Over a decade after Metal Gear Solid brought forward its medley of remasters with the HD Collection, Hideo Kojima and Konami appear to be rolling back the clock with another trip down memory lane.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is one of the best catalogues of remakes that the gaming industry has ever seen, with four of the series' early titles scoring 90 on Metacritic and spurring Konami to release the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 for the current generation consoles.

Master Collection Vol. 1 only just released on October 23, but already, there's talk about a Master Collection Vol. 2. Now that Konami has many more singular Metal Gear Solid games under its belt, it makes perfect sense.

Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol.2 appears to be on the way

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Master Collection Vol. 1 has barely even been scratched yet, as the earliest games have gotten their second remaster. Already, Metal Gear Solid fans can begin to get excited, as the same treatment is apparently coming to the latter games.

According to a new datamine, Master Collection Vol. 2 is on the way and will feature Guns of the Patriots (4), Peace Walker, and The Phantom Pain (V).

One Metal Gear Solid fanatic took to Reddit to share a range of mentions about these three games within the newly-released Collections' scripts, all but confirming that there is work going on behind the scenes for the second volume.

Metal Gear Solid 4 could finally getting remastered

Of these games mentioned to be in the rumoured second volume, fans will be most excited by the Guns of the Patriots mention. This title was only ever available on PlayStation 3 and never came to PS4 or other consoles.

Assuming Vol. 2 follows its predecessor to all platforms, it would be the first chance for Xbox and PC players to enjoy this game. Peace Walker was also originally released for PlayStation Portable before hitting consoles in the HD Collection, which could also be a nice bonus for those who have only ever played the standalone games.

For the meantime, Konami will be hoping to iron out its wrinkles in Volume 1, but there's plenty to be excited about if you're a Metal Gear Solid fan.

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