FemShep and Solid Snake stars call out AI voice acting

FemShep and Solid Snake stars call out AI voice acting
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22nd Jun 2023 11:00

AI seems to be seeping into every facet of our lives now, and already, we're pretty sick of it. Not only is it threatening jobs everywhere, but for many, it's ridiculing the concept of art - with AI-generated paintings and animations creating a frustrating amount of high-quality work that goes completely soulless.

It's pretty bleak, and as its progress into realism accelerates at a pace we can barely predict, people are getting worried that it's about to break into our video games. Now, two big names have come together to speak out about it.

Commander Shepard and Solid Snake call out AI voice acting

The key art of the PSVR2 game Synapse, which sees a protagonist emerge from a doorway of swirling colour into a monochrome space.
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Popular voice actors Jennifer Hale (FemShep from Mass Effect) and David Hayter (Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid) have been taking on the press tour for Synapse, their new game built for PSVR2. The pair seem to have taken the opportunity to take a shot at the practice of implementing AI voices in video games.

"If I were to take your face, for example, and use it to promote my product without your permission, you'd be suing the pants off me and rightly so," says Hale in an interview with Eurogamer.

"The same is true for our voice. It's like anything else with voice acting, it gets overlooked for a minute, and everybody thinks they have the right to it, but they don't. And I believe that the legal system will absolutely bear that out. It's just going to take time."

David Hayter's AI script was terrible

David Hayter's Solid Snake meeting Big Boss in a moment from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
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Picking up this conversation, Hayter reveals that in writing a script, he turned to ChatGPT for a laugh - and it turned out just as he expected."Anybody who steals your voice should be locked up for forever, but I also have a different perspective on it," he says.

"I was writing a script, I came up with a unique idea for a movie and I thought for fun, I'll put it in ChatGPT and see what it comes back with.... And it was the worst, most clichéd, soulless, dumbest collection of words I've ever seen." It reminds us of when AI wrote a plot for The Last of Us Part 3

It's clear that the pair aren't enthused about the idea of AI taking over video games, and it echoes recent complaints that High on Life employed AI artwork. When it comes to using AI voice acting and its applications, if we're going to take anyone's word, it's Hale and Hayter. 

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