Elden Ring Cheat Offers You Unlimited Runes

Elden Ring Cheat Offers You Unlimited Runes
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4th Mar 2022 12:22

If you've been playing Elden Ring since its release on February 25, chances are you'll need a lie down by now. Hacking and slashing your way through various Jade Goblins, Gnolls, and even the Burger King Mascot is more than a little challenging. As we wipe the sweat from our brows, it's time to admit Elden Ring is hard - like really hard. If you could get a leg up, would you take it?

We've covered how the Elden Ring modding community is alive and well - with someone already adding a pause option. Like clockwork, after the mods come the cheats, and safe to say, cheat sites are making the most of Elden Ring's gruelling difficulty forcing you to look for some real-life sorcery.

What Elden Ring Cheats Are There?

Elden Ring Cleaver
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The renowned CheatEngine utility is currently offering Elden Ring players unlimited runes - which should help you turn your underwear-wearing Wretch into an OP hero of the realm in the blink of an eye. Nexus Mods user Marcus101RR has shared a cheat table that allows you to modify in-game data without the use of mods.

These cheats will only work offline, and you'll (obviously) have to go through the arduous task of disabling the game's Anti-Cheat, which we also won't explain how to do. We've previously said that disabling Anti-Cheat could lead to FromSoftware banning you and hacking your Tarnished to pieces, but it's unclear how closely the developer is monitoring the situation. 

The cheat table will let you edit literally anything in the game, however, it has to be done offline. Even though there's a debate about whether you can save offline builds and bring them online, some commenters claim they've been able to do it. Suddenly, the Lands Between feel a lot more like Kirby and the Forgotten Land instead of an impossible FromSoft nightmare.

Alternatively, there's also a quick and easy way to earn some money and become OP from the get-go - just check out our guide on how to get 74k runes in the first hour of Elden Ring.


Should You Use Elden Ring Cheats?

Obviously no. We're not here to condone cheating, and while we understand Elden Ring is mind-blowingly hard, what else did you expect from a Souls-like game? FromSoftware is listening, and after the Elden Ring Margit boss fight was nerfed for being too hard, Game Director apologised for Elden Ring's numbing difficulty. Still, there's nothing better than that fist-bump moment when you've ploughed hours into Starscourge Radahn and finally bested him.

Even if we're not condoning cheating, others are apparently using old Dark Souls glitches to skip whole areas. The ol' deathcam glitch tricks Elden Ring into thinking you're dead and lets you bypass tricky areas. If you're still intent on cheating, don't say we didn't warn you when FromSoftware displays your flayed corpse atop the battlements of Stormveil Castle. 


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