Majora's Mask Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Very Soon

Majora's Mask Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Very Soon

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Tom Chapman


21st Jan 2022 12:02

The clock is ticking in Termina, as The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. Skull Kid is doing a merry jig, and there are just weeks to go until the darkest Zelda game ever finds a new home.

Following the unprecedented success of 1998's Ocarina of Time, Nintendo stuck gold with the 3D Zelda titles and delivered a true sequel. While it's sad we never got a true trilogy in this subseries, Majora's Mask rounded off a weird but wonderful legacy in 2000. Now, Switch players get to experience it all over again. 

When Is Majora's Mask Coming To Switch?

Just after Nintendo confirmed Rare's Banjo-Kazooie was landing on January 20, the official account pencilled Majora's Mask in for a February release. There's no exact release date right now, but we'd guess it'll be toward the end of the month to allow the dust to settle on Banjo-Kazooie.

Although plenty of us were over the creepy-faced Moon that Majora's Mask is just around the corner, others were annoyed that we have to pay a premium for access to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service. A 12-month membership is currently £24.99/$49.99, and although you get a plethora of N64 and SEGA Genesis games, it's hardly Xbox Game Pass.

What's Next For Zelda?

Majora's Mask joins the beloved Ocarina of Time on the Switch, as well as the console's flagship title in the form of 2017's Breath of the Wild. The Zelda franchise turned 35 in 2021, and to celebrate, Nintendo released the remastered Skyward Sword as another piece of the fantasy puzzle.

Of course, there are still plenty of Zelda games MIA. We've been calling for the likes of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker to be given the Majora's treatment, and let's not forget, there are still hopes Ocarina could get a new-gen remodelling in the near future.

Much like MarioZelda goes hand in hand with Nintendo. 2022 is poised to be a huge year for the franchise thanks to the long-awaited Breath of the Wild 2 paragliding into our lives. While Sony and Microsoft duke it out in the console wars, Nintendo is quite happy finding a quiet spot to play the Ocarina. 


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