Switch N64 Datamine Reveals 'At Least' 38 Games

Switch N64 Datamine Reveals 'At Least' 38 Games
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Tom Chapman


27th Oct 2021 13:31

Nintendo is determined to 'Switch' things up, as the recent Nintendo 64 expansion continues to grow. We dared to dream, and while the notion of classic N64 games coming to the handheld/home hybrid originally sounded ridiculous, it all came good in the end.

While the Switch expansion includes beloved entries like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there are a few gaps in the catalogue. Other favourites like Banjo-Kazooie, Pokemon Snap, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask are all tipped for a later arrival. Still, with nine available now and another seven in the pipeline, that's just 16 in total. 

What Does The Switch N64 Datamine Reveal?

A new Switch N64 datamine is doing the rounds on Twitter and teases what's coming to the expansion. Although no actual titles are revealed, the extensive list claims there will be at least 38 games muscling their way onto Nintendo's latest console. 

As revealed by @MondoMega, the list is alphabetical and numerical. Dr. Mario is at #7, while Star Fox 64 is #30, and Ocarina is #38. We're left to fill in the gaps, so let's open the floor to speculation. Notably, there's a big gap between Mario Tennis and Sin & Punishment

One datamine detective wrote, "Hmmm 11 gaps between Mario Tennis and Sin & P. One of those games is Pokémon Snap, leaving 9 spaces for games that start with M,O,P,Q,R and S. But other than Pokémon games I can't think of many games that start with those letters."

What Else Does The Switch N64 Datamine Reveal?

If a smorgasbord of N64 games wasn't enough, the Switch N64 datamine claims there could be a grand total of 52 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games on the cards. For many, the big pull is the potential N64 games. We already highlighted what's missing, with GoldenEye 007 being a pipe dream for a lot of us.

Finally, there's mention of more platforms being added to the service. There's been a previous mention of Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games making the leap, so watch this space. With critiques that the £35 p/a subscription is struggling with frame rate issues, adding more games to it will hopefully alleviate some complaints. Then again, shouldn't Nintendo get the basics right first?


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