Exclusive Magic The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction card reveals

Exclusive Magic The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction card reveals
Images via Wizards of the Coast

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Lloyd Coombes


26th Mar 2024 20:51

It's time to sling some spells, twirl our six-shooters, and carry out some heists as Outlaws of Thunder Junction arrives in Magic The Gathering.

With this being the game's 100th expansion and all, it'll need to be memorable, and from my preview it could be just that. From the chance to ride creatures into battle, to rewarding players for committing crimes and plenty more, there's a lot to look forward to ahead of prerelease on April 12 and full launch on April 19.

To help get you gunslingers even more excited, Wizards of the Coast has passed GGRecon a bounty to reveal two new cards - Ertha Jo, Frontier Mentor and High Noon. Check them out below.

Ertha Jo, Frontier Mentor

Ertha Jo, Frontier Mentor MTG card
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Looking for a fresh new Commander for this set? Ertha Jo, Frontier Mentor makes a strong case. A Legendary Creature - Kor Advisor type, Ertha Jo could be ideal for aggro strategies.

They cost one red, one white, and two colourless mana, and when they enter the battlefield they create a 1/1 red Mercenary token which can be tapped to add +1/0 until the end of the turn. That's not wholly exciting in itself, but the second ability is much more powerful in decks that use a lot of abilities.

Put simply, abilities that target creatures or players can be copied with fresh targets. Considering these are grouped as part of the new Crime mechanic, you're getting an extra crime for each one you commit.

With 2/4 for their own stats, Ertha Jo is also a capable body if you need a blocker. Ertha's artwork is by Michal Ivan.

High Noon

High Noon card in Magic The Gathering
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Next up on our exclusive reveals is High Noon, a one white, one colourless enchantment that could act as a counter to any players queuing up spells.

High Noon prevents players from casting more than one spell per turn, slowing their roll a little and potentially minimising the number of crimes they can commit.

Interestingly, High Noon can also be sacrificed for one red, four colourless mana to deal 5 damage to any target, be that player, Planeswalker, or creature. That means it could be a great card to have in play for a few turns to stifle an opponent's strategy, before delivering a big finish.

Can't get enough of Eduardo Francisco's artwork? Check out the borderless treatment below.

High Noon borderless card in Magic the Gathering
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After 100 expansions, you may not believe it but now is a great time to pick up Magic The Gathering. And we've already got our eyes on the horizon for Modern Horizons 3 and Bloomburrow.

Lloyd Coombes
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