Mad Maggie Ultimate trick gives ball extra momentum in Apex Legends

Mad Maggie Ultimate trick gives ball extra momentum in Apex Legends
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Alex Garton


29th Nov 2023 17:50

Since her debut in Apex Legends all the way back in Season 12, Mad Maggie has never really managed to gain a foothold on the meta.

Despite this, her highly aggressive kit does suit competitors who aren't afraid to push opponents and are keen to take as many gunfights as possible. Her drill can force enemies out of cover, and the Wrecking Ball is the perfect tool to start a skirmish.

Of course, if you want to become a Mad Maggie master, it's absolutely key that you know every trick in the book. Well, a new "tech" has been discovered for the Rebel Warlord, and it allows you to boost the momentum of her Wrecking Ball Ultimate significantly.

Mad Maggie trick increases Wrecking Ball speed in Apex Legends

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user GoofyAhhFace has found a new Mad Maggie technique that enhances the momentum of her Ultimate.

As showcased above, the trick effectively involves grenade boosting the Wrecking Ball. This can be done by throwing down a Grenade and then timing the Ultimate to land on top of the Throwable at the exact right time.

This significantly extends the travel distance of the ball and causes it to move a lot faster as well. There's no denying that this is extremely situational, but having the ability to extend the range could come in handy for third-partying enemy squads, or if you just want to snipe a foe in the distance with the Ultimate.

Timing is everything with this technique, so some time in the Firing Range will be needed so you always get the perfect boost from the grenade.

How popular is Mad Maggie in Apex Legends?

Mad Maggie Apex Legends
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Mad Maggie has never managed to match the popularity of characters like Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith, but the Rebel Warlord is still in a solid spot in Season 19.

According to Apex Legends Status, she has a 2.3% pick rate overall, which puts her in 15th in the rankings. While not a bad position in the meta, it'll be interesting to see whether Mad Maggie gets any buffs in Season 20. A few improvements here and there could give her the boost she needs to break into the top ten.

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