Loadout Drops Scrapped In Warzone 2

Loadout Drops Scrapped In Warzone 2

Written by 

Jack Marsh


16th Sep 2022 09:36

Having been the staple feature that set Warzone apart from any other battle royale game, loadout drops have officially been scrapped in the sequel. As confirmed in the Call of Duty: Next showcase, loadout drops are gone in Warzone 2.

The loadout drop option allowed players to perfectly craft their chosen guns in Warzone and quickly became the standout selling point for the battle royale that allowed for so much creativity.

However, with the sequel launching in November, it appears that the red smoke and flying crates that we're used to seeing will not be appearing on the new Al Mazrah map.

Are Loadout Drops In Warzone 2?

While a barrage of Rainbow-Six-inspired features has been plundered into the Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 experience, there has been a massive shift in how players will acquire their pre-determined arsenals.

Although the game was in an Alpha test, Warzone 2 has been seen to ditch loadout drops, and instead, operate a system where you purchase your weapons straight from the buy station. 

There will also be no free loadout crate that falls from the sky, meaning your whole weapon selection process must be completed at the buy stations.


Can you get your own guns in Warzone 2?

From early footage, it appears that you will also have to buy your attachments from the buy stations too. This means your whole squad is going to be milling around the shop like sitting ducks while you organise your guns.

The shops will charge you quite a whack for your weapons, perks, attachments, and equipment, so you'd best get looting quickly if you want a gun worthy of dominating lobbies. We hope that if you're shopping at the stations, there are no enemy snipers in the vicinity, otherwise you'll be heading straight to the freshly altered 2v2 Gulag...

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