Leaked Overwatch 2 Gameplay Shows First Look At Sojourn

Leaked Overwatch 2 Gameplay Shows First Look At Sojourn
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Jack Marsh


14th Apr 2022 17:55

For Overwatch fans, all eyes are on Overwatch 2. The sequel is due later this year and a public beta is expected imminently, and more details are seeping out by the day, with the latest being the first glimpse at the game's new hero, Sojourn.

As Overwatch 2 nears release, many fans have grumbled about the lack of any concrete information, more so after the fact that only one new hero is to be expected. Yes, many of the existing pool of heroes will be revamped, but only one new hero is a little bit 'meh'.

So, the expectations surrounding Sojourn are extremely high, almost setting the bar for any future heroes to be measured from. Despite the announcement and a short story about her background, little has been released in the way of Sojourn, until now...

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Gameplay Leaked

Thanks to Overwatch leaker "Naeri", we have been able to see a gameplay reveal of Sojourn, where her abilities and rifle can be seen in all their glory.

The 95-second clip appears to be a leaked video put together by Activision Blizzard, as Sojourn joins the likes of Echo and Ashe in a battle. In the video, Sojourn's main rifle is evident alongside the charged Railgun, which is set to be one of the more deadly weapons in the game.

You can also see Sojourn's advanced movement kit in action, as she knee slides under shields with boosted speed. Sojourn's cybernetic arm cannon ability is also seen which erupts into an emerald green ball, although it's unclear as to whether it is a damage effect or immobilisation. 


Overwatch 2 Leak Shows New Ashe And Wrecking Ball Looks

While Sojourn is the primary focus in the Overwatch 2 leaked gameplay, eagle-eyed fans will also notice some close-ups with both Ashe and Wrecking Ball, as they sport new skins.

Ashe can be seen sporting a brand-new look with a more severe dark approach than her usual warm cowgirl outfit. Instead, the tighter all-black apparel now gives off very big assassin vibes.

Our furry favourite wrecking ball is also repping a new look, as the beige is minimalised for a clean white look - like the hamster had his enamel scraped off and is now sponsored by Oral-B. 

More leaks will likely come in the coming weeks too, as fans become ever-more excited to get a look at Overwatch 2 and its new heroes.

Overwatch 2 has a veil of mystery over it but details about Sojourn's abilities have emerged out after a closed-doors beta test.


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