Larian is getting “very close” to being ready for Xbox consoles

Larian is getting “very close” to being ready for Xbox consoles
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Megan Cooke


11th Nov 2023 21:28

Larian Studios seems to be getting closer and closer to releasing Baldur’s Gate on Xbox consoles as the issues it has faced with the series S are being slowly ironed out.

After discussions with Xbox earlier in the year, Larian will be able to publish Baldur’s Gate on Xbox Series X as normal, while publishing the game without split screen capabilities on the Series S.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is getting “very close” to being ready for an Xbox release

After issues with bringing Baldur’s Gate 3 to Xbox earlier this year, Larian seems to finally be close to bringing the popular RPG to Microsoft consoles.

Larian founder and CEO, Swen Vincke, took to Twitter to share an update on how the mission to get the game onto Xbox consoles is going.

“Got a nice present from our engineers,” Vincke said. “Ensuring memory is well under control and having buffer for peaks was the main thing holding us back. I think this will benefit all platforms too. Still some work left but very close now.”

The Tweet included two graphs which seem to be showing that the RAM and VRAM usage has been optimised over time, making it more efficient and meaning it is likely to run better on the less powerful console.

Due to Microsoft requiring parity between releases for Series X and Series S, Larian Studios were unable to release Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox consoles after split screen causes issues on the Series S.

However, after speaking with Microsoft, Larian announced in August that they would be able to release the game on both consoles without split screen co-op on the Series S.

While there is currently no release date set for Xbox players to jump into the Forgotten Realms, Larian has confirmed that it should be coming before the end of the year, urging fans not to panic.

Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later given the latest update on the games progress.

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