Fans think they've found a hidden Baldur's Gate 3 mode

Fans think they've found a hidden Baldur's Gate 3 mode
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Joseph Kime


7th Nov 2023 11:58

Baldur's Gate 3 is big. Like, big big.

Anyone who's spent time with the game will know that basic truth, and for many, it's the core of what makes the game so special. The opportunity for players to head in seemingly endless directions with their choices reflects a D&D game like video games never have before, and it's contributed to the game feeling like the most freeing gaming experience we've had this decade.

And now, it looks like more options could be coming soon, as some fans reckon they've found some hints of a brand-new mode.

Baldur's Gate 3 fans discover a potential new mode

It has been spotted by fans that a brand new mode could be set to land in Baldur's Gate 3 soon, as one achievement hints towards one that doesn't actually exist yet.

The achievement is called Foehammer, and it has been shared by Reddit user WOferino93 in the BaldursGate3 subreddit.

The achievement was found on GOG, and it is unlocked but completing the game in Honour mode. Eagle-eyed Baldur's Gate fans will point out that the mode doesn't exist - because it doesn't. Something is afoot.

Fans reckon that this is foreshadowing a new mode set to come to the game, and it's a fair presumption, especially as the mode exists in other Larian games.

Baldur's Gate's expected new mode isn't new at all

Dribbles the Clown from Baldur's Gate 3, looking desperate for approval.
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The Honour mode isn't exclusive to Baldur's Gate, as Larian actually put it in Divinity: Original Sin 2 before it. This is good, though, as it means we can discern what it'll mean for Baldur's Gate 3.

The Honour mode doesn't actually change the difficulty of the game much - rather, it restricts players to only one save file, meaning that save-scumming and preparing for the worst in interactions simply won't work. If you make a choice that dissects a friendship or gets someone killed, you'll be forced to live with it.

It's a compelling mode that only adds to the brutal immersion of the game, and now all we have to do is wait for an official announcement. Get ready to tear some friendships apart.

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