Konami trademark finally teases Castlevania revival

Konami trademark finally teases Castlevania revival
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16th Mar 2023 12:52

If you're ready to sink your teeth into something new, Konami could finally be opening up the crypt once again and spreading its wings with a Castlevania revival.

Once part of the big three alongside Metal Gear and Silent Hill, Castlevania has sadly been left to languish like its brothers in arms. We know Silent Hill is making a big comeback, while there are continued rumours Solid Snake has a return in his crosshairs. But, what about the Belmont dynasty?

Is a new Castlevania game on the way

As reported by Gematsu, a tantalising trademark hints that Castlevania could be removing the stake from its heart and slinking from the shadows. Although it might sound like a tenuous link, a mysterious trademark for "project Zircon" has us salivating like vampires at a blood bank.

According to the site, the only connection between Konami and "zircon" is the fact that zircon is a jewel that appears in the Castlevania series. It's far from Konami trademarking Castlevania: Resurrection, but it's enough to get fans excited.

Erring on the side of caution, the fact Konami's trademark also covers arcade machines and other "commercial prize-winning game machines" means it's not a guaranteed return for Castlevania to consoles. We've also been here before, and remember, Konami left us raging when it announced Castlevania NFTs.

What happened to Castlevania?

It's no secret that Castlevania fell off due to several reasons. As well as 2014's Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 being dragged over the coals for its graphics, Konami abandoned its legacy franchise to shift focus toward sports games and pachinko machines.

We've since had the Castlevania: Advance Collection bring some of the classics to modern systems, while the success of Netflix's Castlevania anime has boosted fandom. Most recently, there was a Castlevania-themed DLC for Dead Cells

Even though we're still in the dark about whether we'll return to Castle Dracula, this is the closest we've gotten to a Castlevania revival in as long as we can remember. Here's hoping Trevor Belmont is still handy with a whip.

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