JGOD reveals secret Kastov 762 barrel that removes recoil in Warzone 2

JGOD reveals secret Kastov 762 barrel that removes recoil in Warzone 2
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Alex Garton


15th Sep 2023 12:50

When it comes to top-tier ARs in Warzone 2 Season 5 Reloaded, the Kastov 762 has risen up as one of the strongest options.

Equipped with a deadly TTK, it's garnered a reputation for being the powerhouse of the category, capable of eliminating foes at long range in an instant.

Of course, all this damage comes with a lot of kickback, which can make controlling the gun extremely difficult. Luckily, Warzone 2 guru James "JGOD" Godoy has identified a secret barrel that transforms the Kastov 762 into a laser beam, while maintaining its devastating TTK.

Underused Kastov 762 barrel elevates AR's stability


  • Barrel: IG K30 406MM
  • Muzzle: TY-LR8
  • Optic: AIM OP-V4
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity
  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag

In JGOD's opinion, the loadout above is the best setup for the Kastov 762 in the Season 5 Reloaded meta that pushes the gun's strengths to its limits.

While a lot of the choices are standard, there's one significant attachment that players are using, and that's the IG K30 406MM. This underrated barrel provides "better recoil reduction," making the typically unstable Kastov 762 a complete laser.

To make up for the lack of bullet velocity from the barrel slot, JGOD adds the 7.62 High Velocity to fill the gap, and it all comes together perfectly.

Why is the Kastov 762 so strong in Warzone 2?

Kastov 762 WZ2
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According to WZRanked, the Kastov 762 has a 16.4% pick rate in the current meta, which makes it the second most popular AR in the game. While still sitting behind the M13B overall, this build above can truly transform it into a contender for the top spot.

The gun's combination of damage output, stability, and ADS time make it a devastating threat on the battlefield. So, if you're someone who avoided the Kastov 762 because of its recoil, consider utilising JGOD's secret barrel, it could solve the problem immediately for you.

Alex Garton
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