Infected Confirmed For MW2 Season 2 And Fans Are Ecstatic

Infected Confirmed For MW2 Season 2 And Fans Are Ecstatic
Infinity Ward

Written by 

Jack Marsh


6th Feb 2023 15:56

While it appeared that the Modern Warfare 2 chefs had shut up the kitchen for Season 2 - amid dropping Gunfight into the metaphorical freezer - the ovens have been cooking up some nice baked goods for players. Infinity Ward has confirmed Infected is on the menu.

With Season 2 rapidly approaching, Modern Warfare 2 fans have been told not to expect too much content, except for Ranked and the eventual arrival of Museum

But now, it seems like there will be more than what meets the eye, as the party mode Infected will be coming.

Call Of Duty Infected Confirmed For MW2 Season 2

With Gunfight snubbed, the multiplayer content for Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 appeared to be in dire straights. But taking to Twitter, Call of Duty revealed that Infected will be at least one game mode that players will be allowed to enjoy.

For those unfamiliar with the game mode, Infected is a party game that was derived from fans and later published into an actual game mode.

It involves one player being "infected" at the start of the game, removing their guns in favour of a melee knife and a throwing knife.

Here, they have to eliminate players who will then join the infected cause and attempt to round up every player in the lobby until time runs out. The Infected players win if everyone gets turned, while any survivors will win the game.

MW2 Fans Excited For Infected To Arrive

With the news announced on Twitter, fans are looking forward to finally having some fun playlists in the game. "YESSSSSSS MORE PARTY GAMES," one fan said (very loudly) on Twitter.

Another added, "This is bringing back memories playing OG mw2 infected with the boys." Not everyone was convinced. One critic concluded, "Nobody asks for this. What an L take on the game. Boring mode, and still no gunfight, hardcore, or ranked. Insane."

Previous leaks suggested that Gun Game would also be coming, although this was later disputed when Gunfight was dropped. Oh well, at least we've got Infected to enjoy when Season 2 finally drops. 

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