Call Of Duty Fans Warned Not To Expect Modern Warfare 3

Call Of Duty Fans Warned Not To Expect Modern Warfare 3
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Joseph Kime


27th Jan 2022 11:06

It has now been officially confirmed that the next game in the Call of Duty franchise is another addition to the Modern Warfare series - and fans have every reason to get very excited indeed.

Call of Duty fans adored the return to form that came with 2019's Modern Warfare, and after becoming the launchpad for the now-iconic Warzone, the game has been fondly remembered. As the game is set to get a sequel, players are ready to head back to the future (ish) after navigating the Second World War in Vanguard. Before you get your hopes up, it might not run much further than that.

There Might Not Be Another Modern Warfare Game

Exciting as it may be that we're getting a new Modern Warfare game, it seems as though the upcoming entry could be the very last in the series.

Industry insider RalphsValve has reported on Twitter that the upcoming game, presumably titled Modern Warfare II, is set to bring an official end to the rebooted series. What this means for other subsequent reboots (as frankly, with Call of Duty, nothing is off the table) is unknown. Either way, it seems that Modern Warfare could be coming to an end. 

But that's not all - it looks like we're set for original Call of Duty games from here on out.

Infinity Ward Isn't Looking For More Reboots

Looking at the bigger picture, it's likely that Infinity Ward isn't going to be working on new reboots anytime soon. According to RalphsValve, the CoD powerhouse is set to focus on new content instead.

"Infinity Ward is allegedly not interested in bringing back any old titles post-MWII, they're 'looking beyond'," he says in a tweet. It'll be interesting, to see where Infinity Ward goes with its production from here, especially as there are rumours that Call of Duty could ditch its yearly turnarounds

Who knows what's next for the franchise after the launch of MWII, but no matter what, we're excited to see exactly what's around the corner. At least we're not getting Ghosts 2 to milk the CoDverse cash cow.


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