Incredible Custom Zombies Map Depicts Sidemen House

Incredible Custom Zombies Map Depicts Sidemen House
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Jack Marsh


14th Sep 2022 12:00

It's been quite a while since we've seen the Sideman, a group of UK-based content creators, take on Call of Duty-related hobbies, given we're much more accustomed to seeing them perform in-real-life Tinder and cheer on Olajide "KSI" Olatunjias as he knocks seven bells out people in the boxing ring.

However, the savvy streamers have now headed back to their gaming roots and have shown off an incredible Call of Duty crossover.

The four members of Sidemen, Joshua "Zerkaa" Bradley, Vikram "Vikkstar123" Singh Barn, Ethan "Behzinga" Payne, and Harry "Wroteoshaw" Lewis (W2S) all loaded into a Black Ops 4 zombies lobby that was designed based on the Sidemen house that the group used to live in.

This Call of Duty: Zombies Sidemen House Map Is Incredible 

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Vikkstar and Zerkaa both lived in the Sidemen house throughout its tenure, between 2016 and 2019, where they used the £6,750,000 mansion to become a hub for content.

Living alongside KSI and Simon "Miniminter" Minter, the quartet boasted a three-floored mansion topped off with an indoor swimming pool and sauna room, a gym, a cinema room, and an integral four-car garage.

Now, the group have played a Black Ops 4 zombies game which is based on a full recreation of the house,


The map, made by UK-based designer "TheIceGrenade", features a full rendition of the house, from the gravel driveway to details on KSI's bedroom and balcony. 

Easter eggs such as Ethan's beloved GTR parked in the garage, the slip and slide mat from the Sidemen challenges, energy drinks and gaming chairs in the bedrooms, and beer pong set up on the snooker table can all be found within the design. 

Part 1 of the video saw the content creators locate the mystery box, in Zerkaa's bedroom, the power switch, and perks like Stamin Up, juggern of, and Speed Cola. The video ended with the quartet finally defeating the "dogs" round (replaced with bears, a tip towards the Youtooz Plushy), before being summoned to face "Fat Neek" - KSI through his bald and 'bulking' stage.

The Sidemen are set to unveil Part 2 "soon", where they will face their fate to "baldski" as well as unlocking more of the Sidemen house zombies map.

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