Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang Can Spit Venom And Deafen Aloy

Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang Can Spit Venom And Deafen Aloy
Image: Guerrilla Games

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Aaron Bayne


29th Dec 2021 11:38

With mammoths, boars, velociraptors and more, Horizon Forbidden West was already impressing with its robo-dinosaur designs, yet it may have taken it one step further with the introduction of the Slitherfang. This snake-like robot might rattle more than slither, but it is just as fast and deadly as you'd expect. 


Introduced during a trailer at The Game Awards, the Slitherfang immediately caught the attention of fans for its out-there design and gameplay potential. So far, Forbidden West has showcased that it will feature a far more dynamic approach to combat than what was available in its predecessor, Zero Dawn. This new approach is no better amplified by the Slitherfang, which might just be one of the most impressive and deadly creatures we've seen in the Horizon world so far. 

A Decked Out Snake

A Slitherfang from Horizon Forbidden West.
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The gameplay, showcased by Game Informer, revealed some details of the Slitherfang's attacks. For one, the Slitherfang will be able to spit venom at Aloy, leaving a deadly green mist in its wake. This acts very similar to a laser beam, as it does have so much of a splatter effect at this point in time. However, it will ensure that you are constantly on the move, even when you keep the Slitherfang at arms' length. 

From the gameplay snippet we also saw that the Slitherfang will dig into the sand to then launch itself into the air for a slam attack. So far, all we've seen of the Slitherfang has been set on the sandy beaches of San Francisco so it's unclear as to whether this enemy will be located elsewhere on the map, or solely on the beaches. 

The Game Informer piece went onto describe an attack that didn't feature in the video. The Slitherfang will be able to "fire sonic pulses" which can deafen Aloy and leave her open for attack. This seems to be the most dangerous attack of all, as it will slow Aloy's movements, leave players incapable of attack for a brief time, and Game Director Mathijs de Jonge described the attack as "hard to dodge". de Jonge also claimed that the Slitherfang has a "heap of attacks" that weren't shown in the hands-off gameplay. It might be worth keeping your distance with this one to learn how best to approach it.  

The animation on their own are second to none as it wraps itself around ruined structures and reacts dynamically to Aloy's attacks. All put together, we can't wait to face off against the Slitherfang in Horizon Forbidden West ourselves when it launches on February 18, 2022. 


Aaron Bayne was a Guides Writer at GGRecon. His previous experience includes BBC and Fraghero.

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